Course & Program Grant Profile

Entrepreneurship in the Digital Arenas
Rochester Institute of Technology, 2006

With this project, NCIIA supports the creation of the Digital Entrepreneurship Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The program, in which teams of students from digital arts and sciences and business apply for entry and complete two cross-disciplinary and experiential courses, features a series of lectures by invited speakers (alumnae, regional digital entrepreneurs and faculty) to supplement studentsí knowledge and understanding of the digital entrepreneurial landscape.

Key Faculty

Simone Endowed Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Richard DeMartino, Advisor, Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneruship

Associate Director, Awards and Grants Management Katherine Clark, Advisor, Sponsored Research Services

Professor and Department Chair Stanley Widrick, Advisor, Management and Marketing

Dean Wayne Morse, Advisor, College of Business



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